Chaparex was developed in 2010 by an idea of major cargo services in Antwerp, as a worldwide express delivery for business and personal. It’s going to be a top private international network, dedicated entirely to international air cargo shipping services.

At first, Chaparex focused on express delivery of letters and mails, within the major markets of Europe and Middle East. By 2014, we had expanded our system to handle express delivery from Europe to all other major business centres throughout the growing global economy.

By 2016, It was at this time that Chaparex was created to accommodate this new inbound volume. We decided to establish Chaparex's Head Office in Vancouver, Canada. to heading our network and grow up in north America market.

Within a few years, our trade routes developed between Chaparex stations on different countries, and each of our regional branches in this growing network soon generated local export business.

As Chaparex evolved, we adapted our network to the movement of all types of business materials and personal stuff, from small documents to software media to hardware systems to commodities to gifts and samples, in weights from just a few grams to few of kilograms.

Idea of the Chaparex comes from Achaemenid era (553-330 B.C.) and developed by modern technology to bring your regards to entire the world.